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RIKUTEC Group Becomes Official US Distributor for Packwise


A Simple, Practical Solution Transforms Physical Containers into Permanently Trackable Entities of Digital Supply Chain Management


With the partnership that started last year between the RIKUTEC Group, headquartered in Bad Honnef, Germany and Packwise GmbH, headquartered in Dresden, Germany, an official distribution partnership has been launched to revolutionize the digital transformation of Supply Chain Management in the United States.


In collaboration with the RIKUTEC Group, a global provider of innovative container solutions for various application areas, Packwise offers the groundbreaking “Smart Cap” module. This plug- and-play innovative device enables analog containers to become digitally traceable. Through advanced IoT-Technology, important data, including fill level, temperature, location, and movement, can be tracked around the clock. RIKUTEC America will take the lead in customer support for the North American market and offer the innovative Packwise “Smart Cap” as a digital tracking module. The first joint appearance will take place in June 2023 at the “Specialty and Agro Chemicals America” trade show in Savannah, Georgia


“We are very excited about the future partnership with Packwise. This collaboration allows us to offer our customers a new revolutionary digital tracking solution to monitor the condition and safety of their packaging in real-time. This digitalization of packaging creates new possibilities for optimized, future-oriented supply chains and improved product safety”,

says Andreas Amberg, President of RIKUTEC America.

“Globally, there is a very high demand from chemical companies to manage container logistics more efficiently and thus more sustainably. RIKUTEC, along with their high-quality containers that can be used for years, is our perfect partner. We are very pleased to enter the American market together with RIKUTEC and to provide RIKUTEC customers with comprehensive supply chain visibility and automation”,

says Leopold Meindl, Head of Business Development with Packwise.